They say more about me than they say about them.

I caught myself complaining about a person the other day. It started as a description of a situation, but I quickly turned it personal. I went from the series of events to a list of personality features, and the more I went down that road, the stranger the words tasted.

I realized that the things I don’t like in others reveal very often what I don’t like about myself, what I’m lacking, or what I wish I had/were.

When I get frustrated by somebody being late, I am reminded of my need to control and stick to paths I have decided.

When I get angry at somebody for being stubborn, I see my own stubbornness.

When I get anxious for getting somebody’s validation, I see my old fears of rejection and loneliness, and I have to remind myself that the only validation I need is my own.

My reality is indeed a reflection of what I carry inside.

One thought on “ The things I don’t like in others ”

  1. Very well put. I have never thought of it, but you are absolutely right. Seeing definitely myself I this situation. More people should be like you and analyze own actions instead of others’. I think many relationships would be healthier if we could skip this behaviour. Interesting… I am going to monitor myself, check the pattern.

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