Ever since I bought my first pair of ballet shoes, I have had a weakness for dance attire and props. There is something about the peachy tights, the knitted crop sweaters, and the floaty chiffon wrap skirts that I can’t resist. Have you ever seen a kid putting on the costume of their favorite superhero and immediately acting the part? Ballet clothes are like that for me.

I learned to appreciate the difficulty of making those clothes because whenever I bought them from local makers, or even established brands, I would find problems sooner rather than later. My sister, who had been sewing for a couple of years by then, explained to me that putting together pieces that hold their shape, while giving you enough room to move in the way you need for ballet is quite difficult. It’s the choice of fabric, the thread, the way you make the seams, the allowance, and of course my torso is quite long compared to the average Mexican. So I had to be extra careful when buying from Mexican brands.

I believe it is brave of any clothes maker to attempt to make these garments seriously. This is why I am extra impressed by small emerging dance clothes brands like Cloud and Victory, and Dance by Lina. I first heard of the former like a year ago through Joy Womack’s Facebook page. And the latter I discovered only two weeks ago when thebackpackingballerina showed up on my browsing for ballet-related blogs here on WordPress.

Their items look impeccably made, and so beautiful! I bet they make the wearers feel invincible. I know I would. My grand battements would reach the skies in those chiffon skirts and rose-patterned leotards. And why stop there? I’m pretty sure I could take them to work, at least the fully lined tulle skirts. On top of that I get to read about the fabric choices and the makers’ adventures. Sign me in.

Needless to say, I have several of their items on my wish-list already. Until then, I’ll keep dreaming about those tulle beauties. Soon. Soon they will be mine.

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