Last Christmas, my sister gave me the best planner ever: A Passion Planner!

I am a strong believer in the power of paper, and an avid list-maker and organizer. This planner was sent from the heavens, as it helped me deal with some redundancy I had in my planning, and filled in some gaps I had been struggling with.

I used to keep loose pages for writing down my to-do lists, and often I found myself with two or three of those at a time. I also had those list parallel to my paper planner. My new planner lets me keep my lists tidy and separate the personal from the work one, plus it almost pushes me to schedule the tasks to make sure I complete them. It’s great for prioritizing and holding yourself accountable when discipline takes the day off.

For several years now I have used my planners not just for organizing the near future but for reviewing the year as it comes to an end. The Passion Planner is perfect for that because it includes a section for goal-setting and timelines, lined pages that I use for brainstorming, and a section with grid paper that I use for mind mapping and sketching.

If there is anything I would add or change to make it absolutely perfect it would be a section with  plain white pages (add), and lighter ink in general (change) since I often work with pencils and it doesn’t stand out as much.

Otherwise, this planner has become my official favorite. I see myself getting it year after year (sis, I hope you are reading this).

Photo 2016-01-09 12 53 15
Happiness: graphic description.

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